Новости Академия тенниса Озерова
On-site hotel
Coaching team

Academy has an experienced and professional tennis and fitness coaching team 

Tennis courts

18 courts : 12 outdoor (8 clay and 4 "RuKort" surface) and 6 indoor ("RuKort")

Facilities and services

Academy has a great variety of facilities and offers different services to satisfy all kinds of needs


State autonomous institution of the Ryazan region "Sports center "Tennis Academy named after N.Ozerov'" was officially opened on 11 August 2015.


Academy's main priorities are to train members of the national team, to popularize tennis in the region and to establish sport relationships worldwide.


Nikolai Nikolaevich Ozerov (1922 - 1997) - famous TV- and radio commentator, honored master of sports, multiple time USSR tennis champion.


Record holder for the number of gold medals won in the USSR Championship - 24 medals.