The Hotel has 24 rooms: single, double, triple and quadruple. Majority of the Academy's players live in the hotel during their practice season in the Academy.

During tournaments and other events, the hotel accommodates tournament officials and referees as well as some guests and participants.  

Hotel prices (no-tournament period)
Hotel prices (during tournaments)

*Price indicated with VAT


  • Check-out time at the hotel is 12: 00. In case of delay in the departure, the payment for accommodation is charged in the following order:

    • no more than 12 hours after the check-out time = payment for half a day;

    • from 12 to 24 hours after the check-out time = payment for a full day.

  • For the stay of children under the age of five years without a separate bed the fee is not charged.

  • If the guest pays only for a bed-space, it is possible for another guest to be accommodated in the same room (in case there are free bed-spaces in the room)

  • Extension of stay is possible if the rooms are vacant.