Tennis Academy N.N. Ozerov

Tennis Academy N.N. OzerovState autonomous institution of the Ryazan region "Center for Sports Training" Tennis Academy them. N.N. Ozerov "created by decree of the Government of the Ryazan region on May 29, 2015 №249-p to implement the training of members of the national team of the Russian Federation and the Ryazan region in tennis to national and international competitions, the active involvement of talented youth in tennis lessons, and of international, national, inter-regional tennis tournaments and other athletic and sporting events.

Tennis Academy include 12 outdoor courts (8 clay, 4 hard-surface «RuKort»), including central court with stands for 500 seats with canopies. The building of the Academy of tennis are 6 indoor tennis courts with modern coating «RuKort» and stands for 432 viewers, a hotel with 46 beds, a dining room and a cafe.

The Tennis Academy provides planning decisions to ensure the livelihoods of persons with disabilities and other people with limited mobility:

  • device 7 parking spaces for persons with disabilities;
  • the possibility of the passage of motor wheelchairs to the building of the center;
  • ramp at the input device group.

In 2015, it planned to organize sports training for 4 sports groups to the number of students up to 30 people. In 2016, the number of groups will be increased to 12, with the number of trainees to 100 people.

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